Alice Greczyn
Photo by Deborah Anderson

I am publicly verified as an actress, writer, model and foodie; I’m privately known to be a curious intellectual and a nature romantic; and I self-describe me as a rational idealist. All lofty labels to be sure, but if you clicked on this tab, then you probably expect me to toot my own horn at least just a little bit.

I reside in Los Angeles when I am not gallivanting across the globe, and I thrive on stimulating ideas, quiet forests, friendly cats, alfresco meals, respectful disagreements, and empathetic actions.

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hey Alice,
    You should probably change the content on this page :)

    • Jessica Bussey said:

      I have a new boyfriend. we have been seeing each other on and off for a year and now we are actually dating. I have a question to ask you. I would really appreciate some advice.

  2. This might come across as a stupidest notion but I want to know what you think? Is it absolutely stupid that you’ve reared a dream to be a part of Broadway and Hollywood in whatever lil way you can? Is it vile considering that you are an Indian. Do you think it accounts for nothing? #confusedashell #lifeseemslikeanendlesstrailofnothing I know you have a ton of rad things to do and won’t bother to revert such a silly ventsesh but would be great if you do. The whole make a difference and this is the only way or what’s the point to live kinda dilemma

  3. I really enjoy your blogs and I look forward to reading more

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