For my first post in 2013, I’d like to say welcome to my new blog site and hello to all my new fans and fellow ponderers! So excited you have found me, for here in the realm of written words is where I feel my true self is most at home. I am going to do my best to keep this blog up more regularly, because you, dear readers, have encouraged me and inspired me to do so. Your feedback, whether on Twitter, Facebook, or in the comments you’ve left, is always read by me and always appreciated. It has affirmed that I am not wasting my time, that I do have something to say that someone else wants to hear, and that I have enticed others to think, if nothing else. Nothing is so gratifying to me, so validating to my very soul’s sense of purposefulness, than to hear that I have helped make another think. I love being provoked into the discovery of my own truth. It is a gift to be reminded to question everything and to back up what I say, so as to avoid blind following, narrow judging, and blanket statement-making. Therefore I strive to give others the same honor, and I feel I do that best with my writing.

My hearth. Photo by Brigida Santos.

I like to think of my blog as a sort of extension of my living room. In front of a blazing fireplace, wrapped up in throws and sipping mugs of tea, is where my closest friends and I debate everything from the existence of spirit guides to the motives of romantic jealousy, from the pros and cons of gun control to the ideal monetary system, or lack thereof. That’s what I like to do here in this virtual space as well: exchange ideas. I like to share with you what I find fascinating and worth talking about, and I like when you share with me your thoughts and challenges in turn. To me, that is the most exciting thing about living in the world today: getting to participate in the global sharing of information past, present, and future, at the speed of type. What I write here is only what I’ve gathered to form my perspective. I share it with you subjectively and humbly, and though I am known to be quite vehement when engaged in a topic I feel passionately about, I ultimately believe and respect that we all have different truths that are true to us individually. You may hear me talk a lot about truth, especially in upcoming posts, and more importantly, truth’s relativity and context. So if you’re into this sort of thing, what I like to call questing, learning, dissecting, enlightening, educating, celebrating, and Devil’s advocating, among other descriptions; then I invite you to get comfy, to snuggle into the sofa and have a cup of tea yourself as we explore ideas together. (I’m currently sipping on Tea Embassy’s Almond Cake Green Tea—I highly recommend it!)

Some of you may have read my blog at its former venue, Blogger. I’ve moved it here to WordPress simply because it looks, operates, and reads better, in my opinion. I am still getting used to the formatting tools and other technical details, so bear with me as I update and reconfigure things just a bit. That’s another of the perks of WordPress: more theme customization. But enough of the boring stuff, what I’m trying to say is this: I hope those of you who read my old blog will continue to follow my posts here at its new venue, and to those of you who are reading my material for the first time, yay! I’m so happy you’re here, and I hope you’ll enjoy the content. I know a lot of you will be fans of “The Lying Game”, where I have the pleasure of playing the complicated Mads Rybak in her ever-complicated life. Tune into ABC Family on Tuesday nights at 9/8c if you wanna catch all the drama—there’s oodles of it!

That said, I’m betting a lot of my current readers are girls between the ages of 10-28, though I have no self-imposed demographic whom I write exclusively for. I hope anyone and everyone can gain something here, young, old, male, female, and everyone in between. To those of you under 18, your parents, teachers, and other authority-figures in your life might think  you’re too young for some of the content I post about. I don’t believe there’s such a thing as being too young to think for yourself about anything. Yes, I write about sex. Yes, I write about drugs. I write not to advocate or promote irresponsible living—in fact, I hope to do the opposite. I think in order to live responsibly and in accordance with your truth, it helps to be first informed of as many varying viewpoints as you can be on any given subject. Here is where you’ll find my viewpoint. Do not take my word for anything. I encourage you to take no one’s word for anything, and I advocate responsible and conscious self-educating. At times, this means questioning things others would have us take for granted. Some call this rebellion, I call it the exercise of our intelligence. Whatever you call it, whatever you’re interested in, experienced with, and curious of, I’m excited for the possibility to overlap with you about it here. Also, if there’s anything I haven’t already written about that you’d be interested to know my thoughts on, I’m open to questions and suggestions. Just tweet me @alicefood.

Thank you for visiting, and I hope my thoughts are intriguing enough to earn your coming back.

Hope you’re all having a wonderful 2013 so far!