… since you might be the only one I’m writing to. I mean, who cares what we think? Well, I care about what you think, about your journey and process of self-discovery. I join you on this exploration as we release our opinions and thoughts to the world via the ubiquitous internet. While it does seem somewhat indulgent to the ego, at least for me, I trust that my intent is to simply let it out, to allow someone else’s willing ear (or reading eye) to know the thoughts that previously churned within me, now set free. Ultimately, it would be meaningful to imagine that my release of these Thoughts might help others… Is that also my ego? Perhaps… But perhaps not, as my intent to share my inner growth is primarily meant to help others grow themselves. I believe in challenge and in open-mindedness, which is why I read others’ blogs, books, poems, and hear their songs and watch their stories through film. It is also why I am now choosing to blog myself.

Cheers to my first blog!
P.S. Most of them revolve around “Love”, whatever that is. “Men/Relationships/Women/Social Stratification/Feminism/Spirituality/”… if this is a category, my blogs would probably be found there. :)